• Aug 20th 2010: A VMX Series MLink Update is Now Available
  • VMX Series MLink Software V1.1.1.0
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    VMX Series MLink Software

    The VMX Series MLink software allows users to program, monitor, diagnose and startup a VMX Soft Starter.

    Software features include:

    Bullet Parameter editing and commissioning

    Bullet Parameter compare functions

    Bullet Parameter settings export to popular file format (PDF, XLS, RTF, etc...)

    Bullet Application Setup Wizard

    Bullet Visual Programming, point and click on visual terminal strip

    Bullet Monitor Panel with 4 programmable signals

    Bullet Trend-recoder with 6 programmable channels, storage, triggering and playback mode

    Bullet Status and Diagnostics Panel for quick drive status and fault history overview

    Bullet Communication connection for serial and USB

    Bullet Built-in comprehensive help and product user manual

    Bullet Multi-drop network support for trend-recorder, monitor and diagnostics panel.

    Bullet Demo modes for all interactive functions.

    Bullet Built-in Automatic Software Updates


    File: Zip File (17.6 MB)


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