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  • Save Energy by using Motortronics AC Drives for your Fan and Pumping Applications. Estimate savings with our Energy Estimator Software.
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  • Energy Estimation Software for Fan and Pumping Applications. This program estimates energy savings achieved when using the Motortronics Series of AC Drives instead of conventional control methods for fan and pumping applications. The results can be viewed in graphical format and text format and the software has built-in functions to generate an energy estimation report especially designed for consultants.

    Motortronics AC Drives can be setup to match your required fan and pump curve.

    Energy Estimation Software features include:

    Bullet Estimate energy savings for fan and pump applications up to 5000 HP

    Bullet 5 Easy steps to complete your estimation

    Bullet Customer information option (prepare report directly for your customer)

    Bullet Company incentive function

    Bullet Adjustable efficiency for all standard control methods

    Bullet 2 fully customizable additional control methods (title, efficiency, duty cycle)

    Bullet Fully customizable estimation report, custom letterhead and company information

    Bullet Multiple export formats (RTF, PDF, TXT, HTML etc..)

    Bullet Formulas page, contains industry formulas with automatic calculation



    File: Zip File (10.9 MB)


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